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There are more than 5000 magazines available in Australia and more than 50 categories and topics of special interest! It's impossible for your Newsagent to stock them all!

So, the Newsagency Industry has created this website for you to browse in your own time and order your choices from your local Newsagent.

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National Title Tracker

National Title Tracker is a listing of over 3500 magazine and newspaper titles, cross-referenced to categories. National Title Tracker is used by 3000 Newsagents across Australia on annual subscription, as well as Advertising Agencies, Publishers and Distribution Companies.

National Title Tracker is an Industry Journal and a tool-of-trade used by Newsagents for locating magazines and for returns.


The Book

The National Title Tracker Reference Book has been assisting the Newsagency Industry quickly find, query and order newspapers and magazines for over 20 years.

Newsagencies cannot possibly keep every one of the more than 5000 magazines and newspapers available in Australia. This is where National Title Tracker can help.

The listings in National Title Tracker are divided into 2 Sections - by Title (alphabetically) and by Category (using the MPA standard category system) to make searches easier for any newspaper or magazine available through the newsagency system.

No wonder that National Title Tracker is called “The Newsagents Bible”.

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The Viewer

The National Title Tracker On Disc has all the features of the book plus more. It offers a quick and convenient electronic search for any title.

National Title Tracker On Disc fits easily onto your sales terminal and can run in the background – It is just a screen away at any time.

The electronic version of National Title Tracker has been helping Newsagents for over 15 years.

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